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Moondoor .IFC Grid maker (free)

About Moondoor IFC grid maker (free)

A grid is probably the most basic structure you can give your building.
It's not even material, and yet so important.
Especially for design coordination.
As a coordinating party, you need to rely on multiple parties designing buildingparts that later will neatly fit together.
Being able to provide them the structure for that is vital: a grid.
So many times have we seen coordinating parties dependent on another party for providing a grid.

Doing coordination after all does not always mean you also are able to model yourself.
Unable to control the providing party's timeline, this easily delays the process days, perhaps even longer if your unlucky.
But you probably know the dimensions already from older preliminary drawings.
So that's why it makes sense to provide you with a grid maker.
It allows you to configure that grid yourself and cut out your dependency.
Of course we provide it in .IFC (IFC4) format, compliant with ISO 16739-1:2018

We tried our best to deliver full configuration capacity.
It's now up to you to make the choices.
Making these choices, you will probably encounter ones you need and ones you could've done without.
But then again, it might be the other way around next time.
So we are aiming for the best collective user experience we can think of.
But we want to know in case we made even a small judgement error.
Sending us your feedback and functionality requests at helps improving it over time.

Should you need help, please reach out to us at