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Moondoor IFC File optimizer (Beta-version)

About Moondoor IFC File optimizer (Beta-version)

BIM models often consist of large files.
As a coordinating party, you need to be able to handle them quickly.
Often, BIM-software creates .IFC files with duplicate data instances.
The bigger your file, the longer your loading time.

BIM Coordinators however, are often dependent on the output of other parties.
So that's why it makes sense to provide you with an IFC File optimizer.

It allows you to optimize those files yourself and cut out your dependency.

Of course we provide it in .IFC (IFC4) format, compliant with ISO 16739-1:2018
But it should actually take any IFC-format.

Please mind: the optimizer simply deletes duplicate instances in the .ifc file and then updates all references to them. Nothing more, nothing less.
Also: it should be able to optimize files to about 2 MB. After that, the script slows down bad. We are working on improving that and are open to any insight you might have!

Sending us your feedback and functionality requests at helps improving it over time.

Should you need help, please reach out to us at